Datum: World Building and Speculative Design
Datum city offers a retreat where one can go to have their genetic material cross-referenced with their biometric and social data in order to determine their true potential. Embedded in each person are a set of "blueprints" which, once encoded, can determine the direction most optimal one should take in life. This includes career pathways, personal relationships, diet, habits, exercise and many, many other facets of daily life. These instructions, however, are complex and require advanced technology to interpret. Failing to properly interpret your own genetic instructions may lead you away from achieving your true potential. Along the way you may have unknowingly acquired bad habits, directing you away from your rightful path. 
Applicants must first pass a genetic screening; unfortunately only persons with the FB9 gene are compatible with Datum technology (the Kwaritz algorithm). Medical history, fitness certification, 3 written recommendations, a personal essay "who are you now?" as well as a single question you'd like to have answered about yourself must also be submitted in your application. Have yourself tested for the FB9 gene today! Spaces are limited. 

With the help of an arduino, the Datum travel booth also includes is a genetic detector. The applicant presses on the thumb reader which scans to detect the required FB9 gene. Their genetic sequence is projected onto a screen in front of them, building drama and thus attracting other potential applicants to the booth. Finally a light, either green or red, indicates whether they have the required gene and are able to move forward with their application. 
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